6 avril 2019


This was really fun to make, so it’s a commission I did for this awesome engaged couple, Josh & Emma, who asked me to be their wedding artist. From the very beginning I was excited about making this happen, not only because I’m a big fan of nearly every element in this, but because it’s just such a great idea for a wedding invite! They really wanted to capture their personalities in the invite and show their geeky sides, with all their fave characters bursting out of the invite.

The actual wedding will be following the same theme, which I absolutely love, I think it’s quite special that they both have such a similar geeky side about them, and they can make the wedding anything they like, breaking away from the usual traditional themes.

I spent months doing this piece, chipping away at one character at a time, the layout was the hardest part, working out who will go where. I’m glad I can finally share it, I hope you all get a kick out of it.